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[Guide] A comprehensive analysis on the Stone Maze

[Guide] A comprehensive analysis on the Stone Maze

After reaching Lv 50, a new dungeon - Stone Sentinel Maze emerges. According to legend, the Stone Sentinel Maze is a tactical array created by Zhuge Liang during the time of the Three kingdoms. It is said that in order to defend against vast enemies, Zhuge Liang used special stones to create a Stone Maze which contains eight gates -- Gate of Life, Gate of Death, Gate of Obstacle, Gate of Smooth, Gate of Disaster, Gate of Panic, Gate of Depress Gate of Prosper. The Stone Maze possesses the secret to resisting 100,000 elite soldiers with just tactical prowess alone.

Why Clear Stone Maze in Loongcraft ?

There’s a high chance of obtaining Fodder, Card Tokens, Feathers, diamonds, Bank notes Refine Stones from the Stone Maze. Also after clearing the Stone Maze you can get a pack which has a good chance to get a card pack even a purple card, if you're lucky, you can also get 30 bonus AP. Apart from increasing player stats, there are also many other great CP boosting rewards fclearing the Stone Maze.

How to play?

Lv 50+ players can tap the challenge icon to enter the solo dungeon, Stone Maze. Each attempt will cost 30 AP, there is no limit on challenge attempts. In the dungeon, players need to find the stone maze priests take them out. It is worth nothing that a little bit of luck is needed to come across the priests.


How to clear?

Each maze is composed by several chambers. There are two gates lying on each side of the chamber, players can choose which to enter. Pass through four chambers to arrive at the Boss chamber. The eight gates are Gate of Life, Gate of Death, Gate of Obstacle, Gate of Smooth, Gate of Disaster, Gate of Panic, Gate of Depress Gate of Prosper respectively.


After entering a chamber, players may face one of the following challenges, clear the maze by accomplishing the task. Rewards such as fodder, EXP pills, Locking charms, Boost stones, Safety charms Feathers can be found along the way.


Challenge Walkthrough: (Picture & Text illustration: click here)

1) Invincible: There’s one boss in the chamber who spawns lots of monsters. The boss is invincible while the monsters are alive. Once all monsters have been dealt with the boss will take damage.

2) Kill monsters in sequence: There are numbers of monsters in the chamber which can’t move, players need to kill the monsters according to the order given. If the monsters are killed in the right order, an Enraged Mystic will be summoned. Killing the Enraged Mystic will clear the stone maze. If one monster is killed in the wrong order, the Mystic will be revived with full HP. Fexample, if the tip is “Halberdier XXI - Halberdier XXII - Halberdier XXIII - Halberdier XXIV - Halberdier XXV”, then six monsters will emerge in the dungeon, named “Halberdier XXI”, “Halberdier XXII”, “Halberdier XXIII”, “Halberdier XXIV”, “Halberdier XXV” respectively. The player should defeat them according to the order.

3) Epic kill: Several waves of monsters will rapidly appear. Kill all of them to clear the stone maze.

4) Roll call: A big boss several monsters are in the dungeon. Directly killing the boss with the highest HP will clear the stone maze. Otherwise, killing the monsters summoned by the boss will take a certain percentage of HP from the boss, once the boss HP is reduced to 0, then the stone maze is cleared.

5) Kill a random boss: Kill one of the five bosses “Dark Lunar Priest”, “Dark Lunar Priest”, “Dark Tianmen General”, “Dark Centurion”, “Dark Xu Fu” to clear the stone maze.

6) Defeat chest monsters: Simply defeat all chests in the dungeon to clear it.

7) Banish the Grave Robber: The Grave Robber will explode dealing damage to the player when it reaches its destination. Take out the Grave Robber to clear the stage, no need to kill the other mobs.

8) Defeat the Dungeon Maker: Defeat the two Dungeon Makers Loongcraft Mystic to clear the stone maze.


After clearing the chamber tasks, the player can randomly choose one of the gates to enter next chamber. There are four opportunities to choose a gate meaning each maze contains 16 different routes, each of them has a corresponding boss.

Following are the walk-through routes of each maze:

If you follow this strategy, the final boss you meet will be Vajra·Real. After defeat Vajra·Real the Priest will emerge. Kill the priest to clear the stone maze. If the player chooses the wrong route, the fake boss titled “Vajra·Fake” will emerge. 


If the boss in the final pass is the fake boss, then the hidden boss can’t be summoned. When the real boss is killed, there’s a possibility to summon one of the eight hidden priests. Killing the specific hidden priest can activate special stats. After killing all eight priests, the player can enter the maze center. Clear the maze center to activate more special stats finish the maze.