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Guild War

Guild War


Guild War will be available from August 31st. Battle it out against the players from the same state in the massive guild wars. Get ready fepic battles fight fyour guilds glory!


Guild War details:

I. Application

1. Application Time: 12:10am - 9:00pm on Wednesday Saturday

2. Guild masters can apply.

3. Requirements:

1) Guilds are required to have reached Lv 2.

2) Main City cant be selected fnow. As fweak states, only their state borders can be applied by other states. All other areas can be selected at will.

3) Only the top 10 guilds in the state rank can apply. Rank data will be subject to the rank in the early morning on the application day. Those guilds whose ranks havent met the requirements cant apply.

4) Each guild can only apply f1 territory. If your guild already applied f1 territory, it will have to give up the original one first before selecting another. Cant apply fterritories that are occupied.

4. Bid

1) 500 guild capital will be used fapplication. After applying, 50 capital can be added to your bid price.

2) You can enjoy a discount if you apply fthe territories that have been occupied by hostile states.

3) The guild that offers the highest bid price will be eligible fthe battle.

4) If several guilds offered the same bid price, the one that applied the first will be eligible fthe battle.

5) As fthose guilds that cant join the battle, capital will be returned.


II. Preparation

9:00pm - 9:30pm on Wednesday Sunday


III. Cheer

1. During the preparation stage, you can use diamonds to cheer fguilds.

2. Members of the participating guilds will gain HP, ATK DEF bonuses based on the cheers received.

3. Each players cheer attempts are limited.

4. Cant cheer after the preparation stage.

5. Cant cheer when the stat bonuses granted reached the limit. (Limit wont be displayed.)


IV. Enter the Battlefield

1. Participants can enter the battlefield in the last 5 mins of the preparation stage.

2. Participating players of each side countdown will be shown.


V. Battle

1. Battle Time: 9:30pm - 10:00pm on Wednesday Saturday

2. Requirements: Lv 36+ guild members that have joined the guild fmore than 24 hrs.

3. Guild bulletin battle prompt will push announcements 5 mins before the war.

4. Participating players can join the battle via the Enter button in the Guild War interface the Go link in the war prompt message.


VI. Rules

1. Preparation

- After you enter the map, you will be in a random position of your stronghold.

- Once you enter the map, countdown will be shown no character operation will be allowed.

- If you exit the map during the war, you will have 60s punishment time fentering again.


2. Outcome

When one guilds resource progress reaches 1,000 points, it can attack the flag of another guild. The guild that first destroys another sides flag will win the battle. If no guild destroys a flag, the one whose resource points are higher will win the battle. If two guilds possess the same points, the original territory owner will win the battle. If there was no previous owner, the guild that offered a higher bid price will win the battle.


3. Map

- Resource Base: There are 2 small resource bases 1 large resource base. Bases are unoccupied at the beginning of the war. Destroy to claim them.

- Attack Towers Guardians.

- Guild Flag: The guild whose resource points reach 1,000 can see attack the flag of the rival guild.


4. Revive

- After being killed in battle you can use Revive at Spawn Revive at Corpse to revive in the battlefield.

- Revive at Spawn: If you dont Revive at Corpse, you will revive at your stronghold in 30s.


VII. Rewards

1. Rewards will be given according to your points rank.

2. Rewards will be given according to the war result.

3. Extra rewards will be given to the guild according to the territory.