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Nanhua Realm

Nanhua Realm

Nanhua Realm will be available at Lv 70. You can get massive amounts of EXP collect treasure maps of different qualities here.


Nanhua Realm is a weekly quest that contains 30 sub quests. Feach sub quest, you will have to collect 60 of the required items. You will randomly get 2 Treasure Map Fragments after completing each sub quest.


First accept quests from the Nanhua Immortal. Only one quest, Heavenly Bamboo, is currently available. Nanhua Realm is a map available to players from all states. Therefore, you need to be careful!

You can check each quest location before accepting quests then the best location. Team up with players of higher CP you can complete quests without worrying about other state players from messing with you.

Since this is a weekly quest, you can avoid the peak periods to easily clear quests.


[Get Fragments]

Treasure Map Fragments are given randomly. Fragment of higher quality are better. Complete 30 quests to get Treasure Map Fragments start your treasure hunting journey.


[Buried Treasure]

Obtained Treasure Map Fragments will be reserved in the Buried Treasure. You can exchange fa treasure map if you have enough fragments. Use the treasure map in your bag to go to the required location to hunt treasure fgenerous rewards. Treasure maps of higher quality grant more rewards!


Although Nanhua Realm is a auto-combat quest, there is a high chance that you will encounter many enemies along the way. Therefore, dont forget to check the quest status when completing quests.