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2016-11-29 16:07:18

1What is something you will never   see again?Yesterday
2What's the hardest rock?Diamond
3What kind of tree can you carry   in your hand?Palm
4What never asks questions but   gets a lot of answers?Dictionary
5Which chess piece can only move   diagonally?The Bishop
6Which stringed instrument is   bigger than a violin but smaller than a cello?Viola
7What country produces the most   potatoes?China 
8Which has positive electric   charge: a proton a neutron?A proton
9What loses its head in the   morning but gets it back at night??Pillow
10What has one eye but cannot see?Needle
11What can pierce ones ears   without a hole?Noise
12Which are the smallest parts of   elements: cells atoms?Atoms
13What can you hear but not touch   see?Voice
14What travels around the world   but stays in one spot?Stamp
15What is as big as you are   yet does not weigh anything?Shadow
16Which weighs more, a pound of   feathers a pound of bricks?They are the same
17Take off my skin - I won't cry,   but you will! What am I?Onion
18What is the world's longest   river?Amazon
19In which fairy tale does Gerda   rescue her friend Kai from the title character?The Snow Queen
20What man cannot live in a house?Snowman
21Marzipan is made with what kind   of nut?Almond
22What is full when it's used   empty when it's at rest?A Shoe
23What has a tongue but cannot   talk?A shoe
24did the Olympic Games   originate?Greece
25Nintendo, the world's largest   video game company, owns which MajLeague Baseball team?Seattle Mariners
26How many rings on the Olympic   flag?5
27Which English phrase is   equivalent to Ich liebe dich in German?I love you
28What has a foot but no legs?Snail
29With which queen is the phrase   “We are not amused” connected?Queen Victoria
30Which Italian city is famous f  its canals?Venice
31What is the main ingredient in   vichyssoise?Potatoes
32Name the world's largest oceanPacific
33What goes through a dobut   never goes in never comes out?Keyhole
34Name the largest freshwater lake   in the world? Lake Superior
35What doesn't get any wetter, no   matter how much rain falls on it?Water
36What has the scientific formula   H2O?Water 
37What has hands but can not clap?Clock
38In Canada whose post code is H0H   0H0?Father Christmas
39is the air pressure   greater: at the bottom the top of a mountain?The bottom
40How much of our body weight is   water: one-quarter, one-half two-thirds?Two-thirds
41What money do they use in Japan?Yen
42Which islcountry lies off   China, Korea Russia?Japan
43What has 4 legs in the morning,   2 legs in the afternoon, 3 legs at night?Person
44What animal has the highest   brain to body weight ratio?Human
45Complete the following Mark   Twain quote: "Go to Heaven fthe climate, Hell fthe... "Company
46Does matter expin the heat   in the cold?In the heat
47Which type of atom makes up   about 90% of the universe?Hydrogen
48What has a head, but no neck;   has a body,but no warmth; No feet, but can travel?Car 
49What has a neck but no head?Bottle
50What hitech company was   co-founded by Steve Jobs?Apple 
51What is a traditional fermented   Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables salt?Kimchi
52According to Greek mythology who   was the first woman on earth?Pandora
53Which do not feed their young:   mammals, birds reptiles?Reptiles
54Which is the first movie in the   James Bond film franchise?Dr. No
55In which US city would you find   Manhattan, Brooklyn the Bronx?New York
56What goes up but never comes   down?Age
57What belongs to you but others   use it more than you do?Your name
58Who is your mother's brother's   only brother-in-law ?Your dad
59I am the only organ that named   myself. What am I?Brain
60Magarine is sold as a   replacement fwhat?Butter
61What is the 5th planet from the   sun?Jupiter
62What was Walt Disney's Mickey   Mouse's original name?Mortimer
63What is always coming but never   arrives?Tomorrow
64If I have it, I don’t share it.   If I share it, I don’t have it. What is it?Secret
65What's the largest city in   India?Bombay
66The paperboard "Chinese   takeout" box was invented in what country?US
67What is the capital city of   Spain?Madrid
68What is the capital city of   Spain?Madrid
69In the sport of Judo, what col  belt follows an orange belt?Green
70Who leads a gang of outlaws in   Sherwood Forest?Robin Hood
71What goes through towns over   hills but never moves?Road
72I go the water black   come out red. What am I?Lobster
73Which of these animals care f  their young: frogs, turtles, mice spiders?Mice 
74I’m tall when I’m young I’m   short when I’m old. What am I?Candle
75Space Invaders was originally   named:Space Monsters
76What soft-drink company   introduced the brSlice?Coca Cola 
77What is the favorite dog breed   of the Queen of England?Corgi
78What is the capital of   Australia?Canberra
79Which eight-letter word still   remains a word after removing each letter from it?Starting
80What is Captain Jack Sparrow's   key catch-phrase in all the Pirates of the Caribbean films?Savvy?
81The more you take, the more you   leave behind. What am I?Footstep
82Earth spins on an axis. Is an   axis a real imaginary line?Imaginary
83True False: Bulls dislike the   colour red?No
84Do goldfish really have a memory   of three seconds?No
85True False: Dogs can only see   in black white.No
86The beaver is the national   emblem of which country?Canada
87The city of Martinez in what   state claims to be the birthplace of the gin martini?California
88Which planet is known as “The   Red Planet”?Mars
89If I drink, I die. If i eat, I   am fine. What am I?Fire
90What's orange sounds like a   parrot?Carrot
91Which blood cells carry oxygen:   red white?Red
92What colour is a panda?Black white
93What is full of holes, but can   still hold a lot of water?Sponge
94What was the name of Harry   Potter’s pet owl?Hedwig
95The Canary Islands were named   after which animal, cat dog?Dog
96What part of the sweet potato do   we eat?The root
97Name the world's biggest island.Greenland
98Which bird is used as the sign   of peace?Dove
99What is Monica’s last name in   the sitcom Friends?Geller
100Which car maker makes the   Fiesta, Ka Mondeo models?Ford
101Which member of a bee colony is   the only one that lays eggs?The queen bee
102Which US city is known as the   City of Brotherly Love?Philadelphia
103Actress Blake Lively is   best-known fstarring in what TV series?Gossip Girls
104The Pyrenees mountain range   separates which two European countries?France Spain
105The Statue of Liberty was given   to the US by which country?France
106What's the largest country of   the world by geographical area?Russia
107What animal is the national   symbol of Scotland?Unicorn
108What gets larger,the more you   take away?A hole
109What was the first video arcade   game ever commercially produced?Computer Space
110What animal can run the fastest:   an elephant, squirrel a mouse?Elephant
111Who painted the Mona Lisa?Da Vinci
112A brother sister can be   identical twins. True false?False 
113What invention lets you look   right through a wall?Window
114What is the line of latitude   that runs around the centre of the world called?The Equator
115What will you break once you say   it?Silence
116What starts with the letter “t”,   is filled with “t” ends in “t”?Teapot
117In Charlie the Chocolate   Factory, what is Charlie’s surname?Bucket 
118does the American   president live?White House
119In which European city would you   find Orly airport?Paris
120What is so delicate that saying   its name breaks it?Silence
121Europeans first learned of   chocolate from whom?Aztecs
122What is the name of the Lion in   The Lion, The Witch the Wardrobe?Aslan
123Helped by his slave Morgiana,   who foiled the 40 thieves?Ali Baba
124Chimichurri is a green sauce   that originated in what country?Argentina
125Kabul is the capital city of   which country?Afghanistan
126What is the name of Batman’s   butler?Alfred
127What was the name of the Kung Fu   Panda in the film of that name?Po
128What letter is a question?Y
129What is at the end of a rainbow?W
130 Name an 11-letter word   that begins ends with UNDUnderground
131What is a four letter word   ending in "k", which means to have intercourse?Talk
132What is the longest word in the   dictionary?Smiles
133What is the first letter on a   typewriter? Q
134What is the only letter that   does not appear in the name of a US state?Q
135What letter is a vegetable?P
136Which singer’s real name is   Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?Lady Gaga
137Who was the first Twitter user   to reach 20 million followers?Lady Gaga
138What is the chemical symbol f  iron?Fe
139What is next in this sequence:   JFMAMJJASON_ ?D
140What letter stands fthe   ocean?C
141What letter is an animal?B
142In horse racing, the distance 'a   horse length' equals roughly how many feet?8
143What is the diameter of   Earth? 8000 miles
144In the United States, about how   much beer does the average person drink each year?24 gallons 
145When did the world celebrate its   most recent millennium?Year 2000
146How much does a litre of water   weigh? 1kg
147What is the house number of the   Simpsons?742
148How many degrees are found in a   circle?360
149How many teeth does an adult   human usually have?32
150How many letters are there in   the German alphabet?30
151In the Twilight novels, the   vampire Edward Cullen is forever __years old.17
152How many months have 28 days?12
153How many players are there in a   baseball team?9
154The average human body contains   how many pints of blood?9
155How many legs has a spider got?8
156How many colours are there in a   rainbow?7
157How many months have 31 days?7
158How many wives did Henry VIII   have?6
159How many players are there in a   basketball team?5
160In Greek mythology, how many   graces are there?3
161How many Tomb Raider movies were   made?2
162What number do you get when you   multiply all of the numbers on a telephone's number pad?0

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