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[Quests]Bounty Quests

2017-03-01 22:37:58

Bounty Quests grant massive EXP, gold, Mount Pills, Ward Pills, EXP Potions gems. You won’t be willing to miss them!


Bounty Quests are available at Lv 46.

1. Check bounty quests in the Daily To-do interface. Find Rafel in the Shell Island to unlock them. Tap the quest button to view the detailed info of bounty quests. You can also spend diamonds B.Diamonds to instantly complete the current bounty quest.

2. There are 20 quests daily. Extra rewards will be given if you complete all 20 quests. If you give up the quest, you will lose the rewards of your current bounty quest.

3. Completing each bounty quest will be awarded massive EXP gold. You can get up to 20 daily AP from bounty quests.


Quest Types:

Bounty quests contain dialogue, killing monsters dungeon quests.

1. Dialogue quest: It takes the shortest time but it grants the least gold EXP. You only need to talk to the required NPC to complete the quest.

2. Killing monsters quest: Kill a certain amount of monsters on the map of your current level to complete the quest. It takes a long time but it’s quite easy. It grants a large amount of EXP gold.

3. Dungeon quest: Complete the quest after you complete the quest in the corresponding bounty dungeon. It is of a relatively high difficulty but grants massive EXP gold.

Fexample, the quest of killing Vile Spore killing Veolun.