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[Class] Archer Warrior

2017-03-01 22:20:01



Warriors possess high ATK HP, who are both mighty strong, good at melee battles.

Mighty warriors combine strength bravery to fight against their enemies while allies fight behind them. 



Slash: Deals 100% PATK damage to a single target.


Thorn of Soul: Strikes your enemies with a powerful thrust. Attacks 4 targets in a straight line dealing damage equal to 400% of PATK


Twisting Slash: Delivers a circular attack to enemies around you. Attacks 4 targets within range deals damage equals to 350% of PATK.


Bloody Strike: Uses blood lust power to attack 4 targets within range deals damage that equals to 50% of PATK each second f10s(PVE only).






Archers are good at ranged battle, who uses poison the power of nature, able to deal great damage.Archers are explosive damagers by wielding bows. Their impressive ranged damage output make them an effective role in the team.


Aimed Shot: Deals damage equal to 100% of PATK to a single target.


Arrow Shower: Attacks surrounding enemies with countless arrows. Hits 4 targets within range deals damage equal to 350% of PATK.


Gale Arrow: Shoots arrows to the area in the front. Attacks 4 targets within range deals damage equals to 300% of PATK.


Purify: Deals great damage to the summoned monsters dispels debuff fyourself teammates within a certain range.