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[Rings] 27 Powerful Rings

2017-03-01 21:37:36

Chapter: Human


Ring of God

Activates Enlighten f20s, contains 3 powerful skills greatly increases stats.


Ring of Gale

Thunder Flash increases by 30%


Ring of Aura

Creates a thunder realm, attacks 4 targets within range deals damage equal to 350% of MATK.


Ring of Curse

Releases a rain of arrows. Attacks 4 targets within range deals damage that equals to 50% PATK each sec f10s.


Ring of Conjure

Summons the ward insight the ring to fight alongside you. You can upgrade your ward in the Ward system.


Ring of Nature

Increase Dmg absorption of Elemental Shield by 2.8%.


Ring of Hatred

Casts a light powerful enough to destroy the world deals magical damage to 4 targets in a straight line equals to 400% of MATK.


Ring of Faith

Increases skill damage by 10%.


Ring of Guard

Summons a phantom regains HP by 25%. Phantom lasts f2s stuns 1 nearby target f1.5s.


Ring of Reverse

Casts ice to imprison enemies. Deals damage that equals to 150% of MATK freezes enemies f1.5s.


Ring of Ruin

Creates a time zone that keeps charging until it explodes. Can be charged up to 4 times. When it explodes, it deals 100%-1500% magical damage.


After the introduction of the magical rings of Human Chapter, please stay tuned. More rings will be unveiled in the near Future.