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How to unlock your 3rd Advance!

2017-04-06 01:12:35

3rd Advance Unlocked!
Gnome Lair unearthed!
Refine equipment to grant great stat bonuses!


Coming hot after being ranked number 1 in Top Grossing Charts, War of Rings is releasing the amazing update. This update introduces the much anticipated 3rd advance. Templars can advance to Paladins and Snipers can advance into Rangers. An all-new dungeon, Gnome Lair, is also introduced. Inside the lair, players can fight their way to vast amounts of Refine Stones to boost equipment under the new refining system.


Complete quests and pass trials
Previously in War of Rings, many Archers and Warriors have completed the 2nd advancement and have become Templars or Snipers. More adventures and fun await in the upcoming journey! Complete the required quests and pass dangerous trials in order to advance to Paladin or Ranger.

The 3rd advance function is unlocked upon reaching Lv 280. Complete the following quests and meet the corresponding requirements to perform the 3rd advance:
Stage 1: Total enhanced level reaches 450+, total star level reaches 7+
Stage 2: Collect Twin Trees' Dew x100 after reaching Lv 285.
Stage 3: Collect Spring of Youth x20 after reaching Lv 290.
Stage 4: Defeat Achlys' Phantom and get Achlys' Tear after reaching Lv 295.


Stage 1: Ensure that your total enhanced level and star level meet the requirements.

After the 3rd advancement, you will gain great stat bonuses and your CP will be boosted greatly. You can even unlock more mighty equipment and Lv 3 wings. New dungeon Gnome Lair and new function Refine will be unlocked accordingly. 

Gnome Lair: Slay the escaping Gnome King
After completing the 3rd advancement and proving your might, you will receive a message to the whereabouts of the hidden Gnome Lair. It is rumored that many Refine Stones that contain mysterious mighty power are hidden inside. You will need to use a Powder Barrel to blast away the gate to snatch the Refine Stones!

You can use Powder Barrel to enter Gnome Lair twice a day. Be careful! When the gate explodes, all monsters and the Gnome King will be awakened by the noise and rush out! The Gnome King will try to escape with the Refine Stones while monsters will attack you in order to protect their king.

When in the dungeon, you can get massive EXP and Refine Stones by killing monsters. But if you want to get lots of Refine Stones, you will have to kill the Gnome King. Gnome King will try his best to escape from the lair so he won’t attack you, but he will move very quickly. What will make it more difficult is that there is a Rage limit: Killing monsters and the Gnome King will increase Rage pts. You will be teleported out of the lair once Rage reaches 1500 pts or the time is up. Therefore, you will have to kill the escaping Gnome King before time over or Rage maxes out!

Refine to change stats of your equipment
You might have found that some stats are not suitable for your class before. Now you don’t need to worry about this. You can refine your equipment till you get your favorite stat. Refine system is available when you complete the 3rd advancement after Lv 280.

You will have 3 free refine attempts daily. After the free attempts have been used up, you will have to enter Gnome Lair to get Refine Stones. Refined stats are ranged from lower to higher, and come in the following qualities: basic, fine, magic, rare and epic. Higher quality grants better stats. Every refine attempt will randomly generate 1 stat of a random quality.
You can also spend diamonds or B.Diamonds to unlock refine slots and generate a random stat. Each equipment can be unlocked up to 4 slots. One of them will be randomly replaced when being refined. You can lock the stats you like so that they won’t be replaced.

3rd advance is now available! We are looking forward witness your transformation! Get stronger and grab your weapon to fight for glory!