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As the "Rise of Gods" battlefield in the charge of the knight, to absorb the injury, into the enemy crowd is his only choice. Since playing the knight, we must have a do MT heart!


Knight's skills are:

Light of the impact (sprint attack enemy units)

Gun hit (attack target, with a certain sputtering effect)

The gun of the trial (the range of damage caused by the enemy)

Bright blessing (to enhance their own attack and defense)


Recommended even strokes: light blessing - the impact of light - gun Shield - the trial of the gun

Before entering the enemy crowd, in advance to open a bright blessing to enhance their physical, magic defense to ensure that can absorb more damage, and then select a target unit, the use of light shocks into the battlefield, and then use the trial of the gun, Causing AOE damage to the enemy.


Direction: Paladin, Dragon Knight

When the knight career to complete the transfer, the offensive skills will be additional with BUFF effect, then you need to have a choice of players.


Transfer to become Paladin: you can further enhance the Knights of the human shield effect, shield skills to celebrate the blessing to upgrade to St. light blessing, BUFF additional defense effect to further enhance. Transfer to become a Paladin can make the Cavaliers in the battlefield to further consolidate the position of MT.


Turned into a dragon knight: will make the original relatively purely human shields become more versatile, the original "bright blessing" skills to be upgraded, and enhance the attack effect is stronger than before the transfer, and sprint skills at the same time Include DEBUFF effect with reduced enemy defense. Equivalent to the soldiers in the original MT on the basis of the output and DEBUFF have been enhanced.

In the single PK, the knight has a more obvious advantage, blood thick, high defense capability, is a well-deserved human shield. Choose a knight career, it is necessary to become a heroic pioneer, always walking in the road of the charge, as a well-deserved warrior!