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As the "right and glory" battlefield melee DPS swordsman, courageously kill the enemy, to create high output is his mission. I believe every player who plays the swordsman, have a want to be the main output of the heart!




Swordsman's skills are:

Double chopping (attack target, sputtering near the monster, sputtering effect is only effective for monsters)

Shadow Shock (Sprint attack enemy units, causing damage and dizzy enemies)

Night dance (causing high damage to enemies within range)

Dark blessing (greatly enhance the attack power and trick effect)

Recommended Even strokes: Dark Blessing - Shadow Shock - Double Chopper - Night Dance

Swordsman is the four career in the point of killing the weapon, through a high amount of physical output with a set of skills to the enemy directly away. In the selected offensive target before the start to open a good BUFF skills dark blessing to enhance the attack power and increase the trick effect, and then select a target unit, the use of shadow impact dizzy enemy, and then use the double chopped, the night dance to the enemy hurt.




Direction: Ling swordsman, mad swordsman

When the swordsman to complete the transfer, the swordsman can swing the sword, mad swordsman two directions:




Turned into a spiritual swordsman: converted into a spiritual swordsman, the swordsman in the battlefield in the ability to kill and interfere with the ability to be improved, after the transfer into a spiritual swordsman, the original night dance skills upgrade to defeat Blood dance, in addition to causing 4 times higher than the Pugong injury, the injury there is a chance to make each other into the body effect. And Shadow Shock upgrade to a fatal raid, the use of skills will reduce the target unit of a certain element of the attack effect.




Turned into a mad swordsman: after the transfer of the mad swordsman, will be more powerful output capacity, skills in the original basis of the partial attack on the direction of the addition, Shadow Shock upgrade to fatal pursuit after the effect: To the target, causing damage and brief dizziness, the next attack damage increased. Dark blessing to enhance the violent anger, violent rage skills can not only improve their own break the odds and attack power, but also get a resistance to the death of the effect, for the mad warrior charge array enemy, provides an effective death damage block.

For the output and students, for the output and death can be said that the most true portrayal of the swordsman career, brave soldiers! In the battlefield courageously kill the enemy, to create some of their own merit it!