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As the "right and glory" battlefield in the remote control, the output unit Master, good at group control, the enemy in the invisible is his most distinctive features. In the four major career, the Master is the representative of wisdom, in the battlefield plays an indispensable position.


Master skills are:

Fireball (attack target and spit near the enemy)

Incandescent flames (causing damage to the range and keeping the enemy in the body)

Flames (attack the enemy in the area and cause high damage)

Flame Blessing (Raising Fire Elemental Attack)

Recommended even strokes: Flame Blessing - Chi flock - flames spray - fireball surgery

Master is the four professional in the generalist, Master's skills not only their own damage coefficient is very high, but also a strong group control effect. In the selected offensive target, in advance to open the flame blessing to enhance their own elements of attack, and then find the enemy gathered in the place, the incandescent flame skills to make the enemy into a fixed state, and then use the flames spray, fireball into the state Of the enemy to carry out range attacks.


Direction of transfer: curse, Magister

When the Master completed the transfer, the Master can move in two directions:


Turned into a curse, so that the Master of the control effect of the skills to be further strengthened, flaming flames upgrade to incandescent flame, not only the skills of the damage coefficient has been strengthened, while the original skills with the body effect is also promoted to the enemy Side into a dizzy state. And flames spewing skills to enhance the skills for the bite heart flames, AOE damage skills will also be with the body effect. Master transfer into a curse, field control ability will be further strengthened.


Turned into a magician, will make the original has been field control, AOE ability to add a wing of the Master, Magister's skills will be accompanied by more DEBUFF effect: "Chi flock" skills upgrade to "dark confinement", the skills in addition to With a fixed body and range of damage effects, but also additional damage to deepen the effect. And the original "Flame Spewing" skills upgrade to "dark magic" skills, in addition to causing AOE damage, but also reduce the target range of the enemy's armor, the Master turned into a magician, will be accompanied by more DEBUFF Skills, battlefield interference ability to further enhance.

In the PK, the Master control ability, high skill damage coefficient, controllable output, is a rare regiment player!