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As the "right and glory" battlefield in the remote physical output unit, pull the bow in a thousand miles away, the murder of the invisible is the most prominent characteristics of the archers career. In the four major career, the archer is the physical remote output carry the child of the two candidates, is the so-called knight before the charge, after the archer output killer.


Archers skills are:

Lei Guangjian (attack the target and sputter near the enemy)

Lightning paralysis (causing range of damage and slowing down the target and nearby enemies)

Linkage arrow (cast a large range of Jian Yu, sustained damage to the enemy)

Thunderbolt (to enhance their own attacks, for 6 seconds)

Recommended even strokes: thunder and lightning blessing - lightning paralysis - cable Lei - Lei Guangjian

As the archers are remote units, the general will choose to hide in the back of the output, the role of the archers in the battle is no doubt that is to maximize their output. In advance to open the thunder and lightning blessing to enhance their own attack power, and then release the enemy at the gathering of lightning paralysis skills to the enemy into a slowdown and prepare for the next use of AOE skills, and finally the use of chain Lei Lei, Lei Guangjian into the slowdown of the enemy range attack.

Direction: Hunter, Windrunner

When the archers complete the transfer, you can move in two directions:

Transfer to become a hunter: the archer's skills with DEBUFF with the body effect, so that the original single remote output archers become more balanced and versatile.

Lightning imprisonment: Compared to lightning paralysis, skills can cause higher output. At the same time, in a certain period of time the enemy into a fixed state.

In addition to the damage caused by the enemy, each injury has a certain probability to reduce the target of the effect of avoid injury.

Lightning violence: not only to enhance the attack power, while a substantial increase in the crit rate of the characters.

Turn into a popular who: turn into the windman's archers viability will be greatly improved, mainly due to post-job skills to increase the continued slowdown effect, and the power of light buff skills to enhance their own speed of movement.

Light discipline: lightning paralysis upgrade to light discipline, in addition to be able to cause harm and continued to slow down, but also attached to the enemy caused by continuous bloodshed (blood loss) effect

Chain light vector: cast a wide range of Jian Yu, the enemy continued to cause harm, and each damage are attached to the slowdown effect can be superimposed

The power of light: to enhance their own attack power and speed


In the PK, the archers hit melee professional knights, swordsmen, should try to avoid personal operations. Archers want to play their own maximum power, the first need to do is to preserve their own, to be able to retreat strategy to avoid melee career close, pull away, and then to their own long-range advantages and high output advantage to destroy each other.