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World View

Since the birth of the continent of God, the king and the gods to rule the land. Endless years, the gods in accordance with their own preferences, to create countless lives. In the light of the gods shine, all life is living in harmony and prosperity.

At the beginning of this era, there is no war, no slavery, no pain, all sentient beings to the gods of faith and devotion, the gods to protect the sentient beings to protect and faith. This is no dispute of the times, is the continent's initial, is the legendary golden age.


However, the continent of God is not the only one in the universe, endless void, I do not know how many unknown world floating. One day, called the continent of the continent of the continent met with the continent of God, countless evil, greedy devil creatures tear fragile void, from heaven. War, unexpectedly.

At the beginning of the birth, mankind is only an ordinary member of many races, because the body is weak, occasionally will be excluded. In the plane war, the human by virtue of superb wisdom and super learning ability to rise rapidly, become the backbone of resistance to the Devil army.


This war lasted for thousands of years, all living under the leadership of the gods against different world creatures. Countless races die in the war, only the real great groups to stand out, they are brave and loyal, they know how to sacrifice and sacrifice, the late war, even the gods can not underestimate their power.

In the war, mankind not only won the victory, have to learn countless knowledge: the magic of the wizard, the giant's sword, dwarf technology, dwarf technology ... ... even Mozu spell is also within the scope of learning. After the end of the war, the rise has become unstoppable, and mankind has become one of the most powerful races on the continent.