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Background of State

In the "Rise of Gods" of the world, there are six major countries, namely: bear bear, frost wolf, lion, magic cattle, shadow snake, war hawk.



Bear bear

Ancient so far, the story of "bear bear" has always been the continent of the adventurers on the continent.

Legend is that it is a stormy night, composed of 20 adventurers of the mercenary group in the depths of the ancient city of stone to meet the extinction of God's long-standing black magician. Black magician control of the 50 hell cavalry team surrounded them. Met the black magician adventurers will die, in fact, any person met the black magician will only have a fate.

Heavy rain mixed with lightning, the ancient city of every inch of land is full of despair. The magic of the dark magician can devour all the elements except lightning outside the magic, but the lightning is the magic of the nature of the gift, has not heard of any magician have this magic string.

Hell cavalry sound getting closer, the taste of death more and more intense. Suddenly, the distance came a roar, while the sky down numerous lightning, adventurers were stunned. I saw the distance there is a giant bear angry eyes wide open, Dire Bear's body there are numerous magic lines, magic lines issued purple electric light, attracted the sky in the lightning split to a hell cavalry.

Dire Bear's body even have lightning string! It is incredible, but the adventurers can not see anything. Dire Bear's magic string is limited, life can only be released once, the ancient city of imperial stone bear with the call of lightning, with the black magician die. Since then, the mainland of God on the mainland there must be a black magician where there must be a giant bear, at the same time, there are dark magic body of the body there will be a dead dusk quietly curled up.

The adventurers named the bear bear for the bear bear, in order to commemorate the bear bear, the empire in this name.


Frost wolf

Endless cold winter I fear, endless glory of my heart to the.

                                             - frost wolf language

Thousands of years ago, mythical melee, human monarchs fall apart, the mainland in a chaotic mainland. Some of the tribes in the north to avoid the war in China, under the leadership of their chiefs and then to the extreme cold place to migrate.

The road to migration is long, and the more the weather to the north, the tribal injuries are more and more people, people have to continue to have a great difference on the north. Some people think that the weather continues to go north, the weather is very cold, will not be suitable for human survival; others believe that here is still near the middle of China, will still be involved in the war. In order to resolve the differences, many tribes elected a shaman, put the altar of the altar, seeking the gods to guide the way.

Is the night, the wind raging, frost snow drop, the valley around the wolf roar everywhere, the northern sky hidden giant wolf floating shadow. Sacrifice elders then warned the crowd, the gods have lowered their will, the location of the northern giant wolf totem for our shelter. So the tribe everyone spirit, the pursuit of frost wolf trail to the north line for decades, through a valley after the environment was suddenly see the light, do not have heaven and earth. Although this is still the northern cold, but it is suitable for human habitation.

Since then, these tribes will be frost wolf as tribal totem, and forever worship. Frostwolf tribe in this thriving, and in the polar world of the confrontation between the practice of a strong physique, tribes are constantly growing, and the strength of a strong battle with the soil. Into the hegemony of the soil in the mainland, back to keep the frost wolf clan home.

Cold winter warriors, build up it! Warriors of the winter, assemble!


Fly lion

Legend of Oedipus cracked the Sphinx Sphinx puzzle, rescued the people of the city of Intuit, was elected by the people as the king. Oedipus to commemorate their own credit, the establishment of lion dynasty. He is great ambition, that their wisdom and strength enough to conquer the world, like a lion-like power and prestige, so the image of the lion as an imperial totem.

However, the development of the empire is not as good as Oedipus imagined. He did not know, the magic of the Temple of the altar has long been on his prediction of killing his father to marry the mother, the fate of the coincidence to Oedipus in the way to the city of Intuit to manslaughter as the king of the king of the city , Became a king and then in accordance with the custom and the Queen married, unfortunately, fulfilled the oracle. He unknowingly committed a great crime, the plague and famine came to the city of Intuit, his lion empire is difficult to escape the fate of evil, Oedipus's conquest of the dream can not do so.

Oedipus only asked the gods, and finally know that the scourge is the origin of their own, his blind eyes to the public pleaded guilty, voluntary exile. And the king passed to the Kerry, the empire opened a new era. Out of the curse of doom, Kerry and the empire of good governance, so that the empire from a step by step to prosperity. Kerry believes that the empire will take off under his leadership, he added a pair of eagle wings in the lion's body, shaped the lion's head wing fly lion totem, the establishment of the heyday of the lei dynasty. Fly lion empire has a strong army and castle, flying lion flag symbolizes the wisdom and glory of the empire, very powerful gryphon knight is to let the enemy terrified.

After thousands of years, the lion empire is known for its powerful military power, the lion totem has become a symbol of conquest.


Magic cow

Speaking of the devil, it had to mention a well-known big man - Hera.

She is the only legitimate wife of Zeus, the same is also a terrible jealousy. So what is the relationship between the devil and Hera in the end? This is from an island called the name of the island.

Ai Kui Na is the name of the rival with Hera Jealousy, but also the name of an island country. The name of Hera full of resentment. Hera hates the woman who seduces her husband, and all the things that are related to the rival. The innocent island of Ekreana was implicated by their names, and Hera sent the terrible plague to the island.

Green miasma and suffocating poisonous mountains and plains, bleak clouds wrapped around the sun, but that is no less than a rain. The death of the gas spread in the island, the plague came to the human body, tragic.

Desperate people and crazy birds and animals to make Hera good mood, the death of the land came Hera presumptuous laughter. At this point, the island on top of all the mad animals began to swallow each other, and finally left the two beasts began to combine, they gave birth to the devil. The only mission of the devil was revenge. To all the jealous, vicious, with resentment of the woman revenge, and - to Hera revenge.

The devil deviates from the island of Erika, which is born with the mission of being born with a tireless walk on the continent of God. The devil never takes care of anybody or thing that is not the target, but if the weak is hurt by the jealousy or resentment of the other, the devil will be mercilessly killed by the injured person.

Since then, the devil became the symbol of justice and revenge on the continent of God, and its life and character attracted countless followers, and the mighty warriors of this mission as faith, and the name of the country, the story of the devil Circulated.


Shadow snake

Shadow snake, this is a symbol of hatred.

       Legend has it that the Hydra and Hercules have been fighting in the northeast corner of the continent of God for seven days and seven nights. This battle to earth shake, venom flying, the surrounding vegetation are withered, the earth lost the color.

       The last nine snakes were defeated, and Hercules pressed the bones of the immortality of the Hydra.

       This piece of land is deadly, cold wind whistling blow, with a fool's lament. Why should I be pressed? I want revenge on Hercules!

       Hundreds of thousands of years have passed, this piece of land is still the same silence. But here gradually gathered a group of people, they were killed, or to escape the war of the continent of God. When they came to the land with the last breath, the Hydra gave them strength. Hydra of the regeneration of the power for them to cure the wound. Hydra of the flesh, to provide them with food.

       Hydra or day and night sorrow, these people are crying. Why are we living this day of darkness?

       Until one day, from the continent of God to a mysterious wizard, he used the witchcraft will be the idea of a snake into a teenager. This teenager is the first king of the shadow snake empire: Xu De La.

       With the help of the wizard, Xu Dela established a dedicated army. Any enemy as long as their weapons to draw blood, it will immediately die. Soon, the king of the continent of the world know that the northeast has a strange country is rising. The country is extremely dangerous because they have only one strategy: to all those who hurt their revenge!


War hawk

Rumors the beginning of the world, the gods of the mainland without disease and no disaster. However, did not last long, Mozu evil spirits to the world shed disease and death, people began to suffer. At this time, the gods sent eagles from heaven to human help. But the eagles of the gods were not easy to land to the ground, the human not only understand it, and can not understand its meaning. When the eagle went back to heaven, the gods ordered the eagle to the ground to teach the earliest people to teach the shaman's ability. So the eagle came to the ground again, and the first met a woman meet, the woman gave birth to a boy, this is the world's first shaman.

The gods of the mainland have a long history of the ancient and ancient nomadic tribes, they live on the prairie above, to grazing hunting for a living. Among these tribes is the most noble is the shaman worship, they are tribal spiritual leaders and strength symbol. As the shaman is born from the eagle, so the eagle has become a symbol of ancestor spirit. In addition, the eagle superb flying technology,

Ferocious capture and striking skills and proudly stand the mighty majestic, but also by the nomadic nomadic people. With the development and expansion of nomadic tribes, eagle totem will become their symbol, they are also known as the war hawk country.