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Rise of Gods "in the pet by grade is divided into 5 files, respectively, in 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 5 levels to unlock. Each level has a different type of pet, for example: 45 hatching pets are sprouting lazy, 55 hatching pets with bird owl. Every pet in the acquisition, the quality of white, green, blue, purple, orange random one, the best orange quality. The quality of the pet will determine the pet qualification and basic property cap.


        How to create a Need for pets? Get through the following steps: 1. Get a high-level unlocked orange goods as a model, this time you can not consider the number of pet skills. 2. Through the upgrade, injection and other ways to enhance the property of the pet bonus. 3. Consum the magic key to unlock the skills of the slot, then pet through the pet to carry six skills.

The following for the pet to enhance the specific way to introduce:

        Pets can provide a certain attribute bonus for the characters. With the pet to enhance the pet for the players to increase the property will be improved. Players want to enhance the pet, you can upgrade from the pet level, Kai Ling, together pet, note the ability to feed pets and other aspects of pharmacy.

        To enhance the pet level: pets can be fed by "pet biscuits" to enhance the level of pet class upgrade, the corresponding effect of the characters added a corresponding increase. Pet upgrade to enhance the effect of the property by the pet qualification. When the pet level to 68, 72, 76, respectively, can get 3 corresponding pet equipment.

Pet Kai Ling: pet Kai Ling can change the pet's qualifications and basic attributes, but the property fluctuation range can only be displayed within the upper limit. Each time you need to consume a "wonderful fruit".


        When the player gets the pet, each pet will be accompanied by 1 to 3 skills, you want to change the number of pet skills, you need to achieve through the petition, each pet need to consume a pet pet. After the pet, the deputy pet will disappear, the main pet has the probability of access to sub-pet skills, while the loss of the deputy pet corresponding to return a certain percentage of pet biscuits. Pets can carry up to six skills, each skill can provide attributes for the character addition. The initial state of the pet only unlock the three skills slot, the remaining skills need to consume a certain number of "magic key" to unlock.


       Note: Note that in addition to the pet can add elements of the property effects, but also enhance the pet star. Note that the need to consume "Note the liquid" through the note can be recycled to initialize the pet star, and return to the corresponding proportion of the injection of the liquid.

       Feeding properties Pharmacy: consumption of pet properties of drugs, enhance the pet properties.


        Pet props can be developed through the magic pet, pet manor copy access. Among them, the daily single activities of the devil to develop a task can get pet biscuits and wonderful fruit, there is a certain probability of access to pet estate tickets; complete pet manor copy can get pet biscuits, injection of liquid and a certain probability of access to the animal treasure The