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In the "Rise of Gods" game, access to a high-quality magic is a thing worth celebrating, through strengthening, after washing, the magic can bring a high amount of combat power for the characters. For Meng new, it may not be very understanding of the skills to enhance the magic, the following players will bring magic to enhance the skills to share.

Magic system in the game below the "functional options" - "magic" to enter the magic interface. There are two kinds of weapons and armor, you can replace. Every 10 can be replaced by a higher level of magic, magic in accordance with the quality is divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange five different quality, orange products the best.


Artist fortification: magic to strengthen the magic to improve the basic attributes of the addition, strengthen the need to consume fossils, strengthen the magic of a certain probability of success (initial success rate of 100%), with the enhanced order of success, the success rate will Continue to reduce the proposed success rate of less than 40% can begin to use the security character (lucky stone), when the strengthening to achieve a certain number of times, the magic will be advanced, advanced magic bonus to enhance the property, while advanced God Soldiers need higher grade fortified stones to strengthen.


Magic wash: by washing, you can retain some of the artifacts on the property, or wash out the combat power to enhance the higher properties. When you get the ideal property, you can lock it, a property that requires a primary lock, keep two attributes that require an intermediate lock, and keep three attributes that require advanced locking. During the process of washing, each time you spend a lapping stone, when you wash out the desired properties, click Save on it.


Warrior inheritance: When you have the same type of weapons, and higher quality, you can inherit the way has been strengthened to strengthen the level of the new star. At the same time, with the number of attributes of the magic of the property can also be inherited, inherited completely free.