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Military Rank

Rank upgrade

The promotion of the rank through the accumulation of meritorious service, each character can get up to 5000 meritorious every day. It is recommended that everyone brush every day brilliance, so that the fastest can get a higher rank, and at the same time to enhance the more attributes and unlock the new rank skills.


Rank skills

Rank a total of five skills, with the rank of the upgrade and gradually unlock the upgrade. But the player can only choose one of the skills to use, 5 skills, different effects, according to their needs and career needs to choose.

5 skills are different, the first skill shield, after use in 3 seconds to get a high damage to the shield; the second skill of the enemy, after use can make the target vertigo 2 seconds and reduce the enemy Side of the defense; the third skill popular, after the use of accelerated effects, more suitable for days in the dawn or war marks such as the use of foreign missions, was attacked open solution immediately ran away. The fourth skill to break the curse, after the use of deregulation, and in a certain period of time immune control; the fifth skill rage, use within 3 seconds to enhance the crit rate and increase crit damage.


Rank rank

Players can receive a gold coin and reward every day reward, according to the different positions, the gold coins received, the number of awards is not the same, the higher the position, the more reward.