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Each player can have more than one horse, but can only choose a horse to play, mounts can provide the movement speed, blood cap, physical attack, magic attack, physical defense, magic defense attribute bonus.


First, the mount attribute

Mounts have independent attributes, in addition to moving speed, the play mounts provide 100% of the properties, not playing the horse to provide 50% of the property.

Second, the horse training

Horse training need to consume rations rations feeding, feeding rations can enhance the experience of horse mounts, horse experience experience to reach a certain limit after the horse will automatically upgrade, after the increase in the horse to add the effect of property effects. The upper limit of the horse's level is affected by the character level, and the appearance of the mount will change when the order of the horse reaches a certain level.


Three, mount equipment

Mounts can be equipped with whip, horse armor, horse bridle, saddle, stirrup, horse palm 6 kinds, each mount equipment can provide a certain character for the character bonus.

Mount equipment to build:

To create a horse equipment, you need to consume jade ornaments, silk, copper and other materials, to create a horse in accordance with the quality is divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange 5 different quality, orange quality best. The quality of the harness equipment will affect the property value of the harness assembly.


Mount equipment recast:

At the same time, if the quality of the attributes of the addition of the harness is not satisfied, you can consume the re-cast stone to reset the properties of the harness, the quality of the property after reset in accordance with the white, green, blue, purple, orange 5 different quality Sort, orange the best results. It is important to note that the upper limit of the reclamation of the harness equipment is affected by the quality of the harness itself, for example: the orange product harboring the properties of the white goods may also be re-cast Plus more.


Four, mount wake up

Through the wake-up function of the horse, can make the mount get dark, fire, light, electricity four attributes of the addition effect, wake up to enhance the properties of each corresponding element, need to consume the corresponding elements of the Pearl.