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The following is for everyone to bring the "power and glory" in the wings system, will explain in detail the "power and glory" in the wings training, advanced, the appearance of unlocking and so on, let us take a look at the wings of the system Related games are introduced.


1, wings training

Wings of the property can be consumed through the consumption of Ling Yu props, wings addition life, physical / magic attack, physical defense, magic defense and other properties, players can choose to cultivate the properties. Each attribute will have a corresponding growth limit, when one of them reaches the growth limit, only other attributes can be selected for training.


2, wings advanced

When the wings of the culture values have reached the upper limit, the wings will automatically advanced, advanced will improve the property of the training ceiling. Advanced to a certain level, the player will get a new wing appearance.


3, wings mosaic

Wings inlaid Lingshi can enhance the property, the higher the quality of the Lingshi have a higher probability of increasing the number of attributes, Lingshi can be obtained from the King of Solomon's play.


4, the appearance of wings

The appearance of the wings can be achieved through the wings of the advanced, mall to buy or complete a specific activity to obtain, after the illusion can activate the wing of the illusion properties. Players can click on the "see the total bonus" shows the current equipment, the additional attributes of God Yu.