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In the "Rise of Gods" game, the equipment system is accompanied by the development of the characters. Upgrade equipment can not only change the appearance, but also for the characters add a high degree of attributes. In the game, the equipment can be upgraded, upgraded and gem mosaic and engraved inscriptions to enhance the character attributes.

Equipment upgrade



Upgrade equipment to enhance the basic properties of equipment addition, character equipment level can not exceed the role level. Equipment upgrades to a certain extent, the need for advanced, upgrade to continue after the upgrade. Advanced, Sheng products need to consume the appropriate advanced materials. Uplift material can be obtained by completing a multiplayer copy of the goddess of salvation, and the ascending material is obtained by completing the Yingling Castle.

Gem mosaic



When the equipment upgrade, will unlock the gem inlaid hole, inlaid precious stones can enhance combat power. High-grade gemstones can be obtained through the synthesis of low-grade gemstones, each of the same grade gem can be synthesized into a more advanced gem (for example: 3 1 gem can be synthesized into a 2 gem), high grade gem Bonus attribute effect will be greatly improved. Gems can be obtained through the day-to-day quest to get the gemstone gift box to be opened in the mall.