A gun wielder with a wide attack range. Difficulty: low. A master of fire and air elements. Keep a distance between you and your enemies.


  A melee class that uses a steel umbrella as a weapon. Difficulty: moderate. A master of aqua and air elements. Stealth and surprise attack are the keys.


  A melee tank class that punches enemies with their fists. Difficulty: moderate. A master of earth and fire elements. Stay close and pulverize your enemies with brutal force.


    The Antique feature allows you to have an in-game treasure cabinet, which houses all the treasures obtained from completing main quests and participating in Tomb Raid. The trading in Lost Temple is totally boundless! You may spend a fortune but end up getting a counterfeit. You may also strike it rich by buying an extremely valuable treasure at an incredibly low price.

    There are various ways to explore the Treasure Vault. A wide variety of antiques await! Search for clues on the map. You will find the treasure you want in no time! Follow the steps then you will locate the entrance to your destination.

    First, you will need to select the region you want to explore. Then you will need to decide the difficulty mode. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. Complete all the objectives to get the final reward chest!