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Game Info

Basic Info:

Melee physical attack, possesses high DEF. Excels at front line protection


  • Hack

    Hack and slash enemies before you in a flurry of attacks to deal great and clear the path of any one foolish enough to stand between you and your goal.

  • Slam

    Raise your sword and leap forwards to release great power on impact. The surrounding ground will crack under your might and nearby enemies will be stunned.

  • Flaming Tide

    Wave your sword about to form a whirlwind and tear up targets in the surrounding area .

  • Brutal Demon

    Increases DEF. It can even make you invincible for a short period of time.

  • Inferno Echo

    Strikes the earth to drive up underground lava and scorch the surrounding area.

Basic Info:

Possess mighty AoE skills, good at restraining enemies. Can deal high damage but lacks DEF. A good tactician should know how to shield oneself from attacks and maintain HP.


  • Freezing Shock

    Controls ice vapors with the rune to freeze and even shatter your enemies.

  • Water Dragon

    Converts freezing vapors into a dragon that repeatedly lashes at enemies within its attack range and decreases their MSPD.

  • Ice Spirit

    Summons the holy freezing vapor to freeze the surrounding enemies and make them unable to move.

  • Nether Might

    Drives out the freezing vapor inside to form an icy shield to protect yourself.

  • Ice Crush

    Places a field onto the surrounding area, in which freezing vapor will gather and gush out to strike all enemies inside.

Basic Info:

Uses melee magical attack, good at assault. Keyword: Flexible. A lancer fights with a spear for effective close combat fighting. Lancer possesses great Crit and can easily pursue and swiftly attack enemies.


  • Spike

    Whirl your spear about a super speeds to deliver a devastating blow to the enemy.

  • White Glow

    Thrust your spear forward and quickly rush the enemy to stop them dead in their tracks.

  • Vast Sand

    Rapidly dashes about in a small area to daze the enemy and produce several phantoms.

  • Flowing Light

    Inspires to increase your ATK and can even form storms.

  • Ambush All Around

    Wave your spear quickly to form a strong wind which sweeps the surrounding enemies off their feet.

Basic Info:

Ranged physical attacker, can repeatedly deal damage from afar. If you prefer a class that can launch great ranged attacks, archer will be a nice choice.


  • Thunder Bolt

    Rapidly shoots arrows to deal damage and make the enemy expose their weakness.

  • Lightning Flash

    Attaches different hidden weapons onto your arrows. When the arrow hits the target, the hidden weapon will take effect.

  • Astral Tempest

    Gathers the breath of nature to form a rain of arrows which destroys enemies and hides yourself.

  • Soaring Dragon

    Boosts agility to increase damage dealt and improve your dodge ability.

  • Purge

    Infuses the power of thunder into your arrows. Thunder will explode and zap enemies within range after the arrow hits a target.


Besides offering your character a cool look, relics can also boost your stats greatly. You can boost or refine your relics to raise CP and also transfer the stats of your old relics to new ones.


An important method to boost CP is to raise equipment CP. Equipment includes helmets, belts, leggings, boots, necklaces and rings. Upgrade or socket gems to raise your equipment CP. Spend silver to upgrade equipment as your character levels up and socket gems when you find the required gems.


A pair of wings will not only grant a gorgeous look but great stat bonuses. You can upgrade and morph to raise the wings CP. Upgrade your wings to boost stats including ATK, DEF and activate a morph to get the corresponding stat bonuses.


Collect cards to activate the corresponding combo and stat bonus. Salvage your spare cards to get Card Tokens which can be exchanged for cards of higher qualities. Collect more cards and grow stronger!


Talent is a system that can help you break through your equipment level limit and boost your stats. Acquire talents to grant permanent stats. Acquiring talents has a 100% success rate. It will cost Wit plus silver and has a level limit.

  • Info

    State War is the core system of the game. State War starts at 8:00pm and lasts for 30 mins. 6 states will be divided into 3 groups. In each group, 1 state will be the attacking side while another will be the defending side. 2 states will fight against each other within the allotted time.

  • Rules

    During the state war, if the Omni Guardian is killed, the attacking side will win, otherwise, the defending side will win the war.Join the state war for generous rewards: EXP, Merit, items, killing rank rewards, killing rank lucky rewards and more.

State Quest

To further increase the real state experience, all kinds of interesting state-based quests are available. Sometimes you are even required to enter into hostile states, fight your way pass the players from the hostile states and acquire intelligence. Adventure and excitement await! Complete state quests including “Dragon Cauldron” and “Let It Burn” to gain massive amounts of EXP.

Main Quests

Loong Craft is set on the background of the three kingdoms. In such an era of heroes, you will travel through the real stories of the three kingdoms and start your own legend from a unknown soldier to a famous general.


It has long been known that the dungeon is a great way to get EXP for leveling up and items. However unlike ordinary RPGs, the dungeon in Loong Craft contains various solo and team dungeons. Each one provides a different exciting experience.


There are 6 states in the game. You must choose one among them when you are creating your character and devote yourself to that state in your later journey. Join the state war and complete the corresponding state quests for your state of choice. There are a variety of interesting systems in the State interface. You can even claim a salary daily and get promoted in ranks.


You can establish your own guild or join a guild already established by others.Many systems including guild quests, guild contribution, guild manor await in the Guild interface. You can also raise your CP by completing the guild quests.

Voice Chat

When in State War, how you communicate with your allies plays an important role in the war result. Loong Craft allows you to use voice chat to talk with your friends in the chat box. Tap and hold the voice button to speak and release to send the voice message. If it is not convenient for you to listen to the voice message, don’t worry, the voice message will be automatically converted into text for you.


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