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After a long wait, now the English version is finally coming to Southeast Asia!
Claim your fresher gift pack by pre-registration and you get a
chance to pre-own a five-star character!

Easy Control! Intense Combat! Fighting with Friends!

Use SP (seed piece) to call you companions!
Friend Support System is Available during Quests.
Team up with your friends in order to build up a stronger team with Companion Support System when fighting those powerful monster!
Shining Seed" could be dropped from monsters, which can improve largely your skills!

Making your connection with monsters and starting an incredible journey

A young boy, who possesses the power of turning those cruel monsters his lovely pets, will start a brand new journey with the mysterious girl imprisoned in a bottle- Merc. They will be looking for those forgotten memories. Companions' support and monsters' challenge await you.
It will be you who decide how the story goes.

Creat Your Guild with Friends! Huge Real Time Battle for Up to 80 Players!

Extra gifts are provided after joining a guild.
Up to four guilds of which the maximum member is 20 each would be involved in battle at the same time!
"Shining Seed" could be acquired by completing quests, which is used to protect player's team.
Take the advantage of guild functions such as "support" and "pray" in order to defeat other guilds!

Convenient Communication System Makes it Easier to Converse in Game!

Read the guild log regularly and chat with your guild friends!
Don't hesitate to request your friends for support when fighting against strong enemies!